How to Set Up Your Electric Smoker

In this article, We will provide to you with a guide to set up your electric smoker. The major categorization of the types of smokers is determined by the kind of fuel used to burn for the process of smoking. The four most known types of smokers are the propane, pellet smoker, charcoal grill, and […]

Why You Need To Buy an Electric Pressure Cooker?

The kitchen is one of the busiest part of the house and probably the most crowded as it is full-packed with cooking stuff such as stoves, microwaves, rice cookers, and other cooking instruments. My wife owns the kitchen at least most of the time, and while modern cooking gadgets help out for convenient cooking, cooking […]

Tips to Achieve the Best Neighborhood Barbecue Party with Nerf Gun Plays

Summertime parallels to barbecue cookouts and drizzly outdoor parties. When the weather calls for a great time outside, go answer to that calling and prepare for an unforgettable neighborhood party that will accommodate both the kids and the kids at heart. Nerf gun themed barbecue party is one excellent idea you can exploit with. On […]

The Eight Must-Visit Barbecue Restaurants in the US

Barbecue is one of the most-known traditional cuisines in America. The availability of different barbecue styles and variants are products of traditional cultivation from different regions in the US. If you are a barbecue enthusiast or are planning to do travels to different states, here is a list of what to try on the must-visit […]

Recepie: How to Make Your Own Barbecue Rub

A good barbecue starts with a good barbecue rub. The ingredients of your spice rub are the ones liable for the flavor surprises of your barbecue, and there are enough ingredients you can choose from and experiment with. For your barbecue spice rub, there are three sets of ingredients to note. Salt and Sugar This […]

BBQ Competition Near Me – Top BBQ Contest around the World

Barbecue is not just a cuisine tradition found in the backyards of homes. Barbecue enthusiasts are incessantly growing in number and so different types of barbecue cooking competitions have been organized in different parts of the world to accommodate barbecue festivities in a larger scale. Here is the list of the top barbecue competition to […]

The Dishes and Places You Must Eat Before You Die

Undeniably, there are countless must-try delicacies in different regions of even a single country. Think wide and realize how much more are there worldwide. Here is a list of must-try dishes in different parts of the world; dishes you should not miss while you are in the place. 1.     BBQ Ribs in USA Barbecue is […]