Tips to Achieve the Best Neighborhood Barbecue Party with Nerf Gun Plays

Tips to Achieve the Best Neighborhood Barbecue Party with Nerf Gun Plays

Summertime parallels to barbecue cookouts and drizzly outdoor parties. When the weather calls for a great time outside, go answer to that calling and prepare for an unforgettable neighborhood party that will accommodate both the kids and the kids at heart. Nerf gun themed barbecue party is one excellent idea you can exploit with. On that note, here are some tips and ideas you can apply when planning for your summer merrymaking right in the comfort of your own backyard.

Send out the invites.

During summer days, you will not be the only one who craves for barbecue cookouts and outdoor fun, so go start thinking of your guest list. If you are planning for a nerf gun-themed barbecue party, then invite neighbors and friends who enjoy such activities involving nerf guns as well. We all know that the fun already starts even before the party proper begins, and that is during the preparations. Hence, you can actually invite your neighbors to help with the preparation for the party. You can also use an added human resources for the tasks that need to be done.

Set your backyard.

Nerf gun battles can potentially mess all your effort-invested decorations, so it would be wiser to keep your set up easy and smart. Decide on the spot where the food is to be cooked and served, and then set a separate space for the games and activities. If you do not have a large-spaced backyard, then you just have to make sure you have sturdy tables and stuffs that hold the food. For nerf gun-themed parties, it is best to maximize the space. Also, set the cooking tools needed for the party outside beforehand such as grills and electric smokers.

Prepare simple but delicious food

Never compromise the food as it is always the center of every party more than any other activity you prepared. As far as your expertise in barbecue cooking will permit, prepare the most delicious barbecue recipes you can offer. You can choose to do the classic recipes for barbecue parties but add refreshing twists to it. Explore ideas on barbecue sauces and side dishes. You can also ask your invitees to bring their own side dishes, desserts, and drinks to add on the menu. For drinks, it seems conventional to prepare tasty fresh fruit juices in summer parties, especially for the kids.

Let the nerf guns out.

Since it is indeed a nerf gun-themed party, do not ever forget to prep your best nerf guns in the world. You can ask your guest to bring nerf guns, but it will not be as fun if they could not bring one. As far as your budget will permit, purchase nerf guns and corresponding accessories enough for everyone whom you think would want to participate with the activities, be it the kids or the kid-wannabes. During the party, your guests could simply race and shoot each other randomly as it will be as fun, but that fun will soon run out, so better prepare a list of nerf gun games that everyone will surely enjoy such as sharpshooter contests, capture the flag, and jailbreak.