Why You Need To Buy an Electric Pressure Cooker?

Why You Need To Buy an Electric Pressure Cooker

The kitchen is one of the busiest part of the house and probably the most crowded as it is full-packed with cooking stuff such as stoves, microwaves, rice cookers, and other cooking instruments. My wife owns the kitchen at least most of the time, and while modern cooking gadgets help out for convenient cooking, cooking sessions still take up some time and with all the appliances around, she is not on her way of ease around the kitchen.

We love pressure-cooked food and my lady love to prepare it for us as well. I thought it is time to give our kitchen queen one thing on top of the charts of kitchen appliances – the electric pressure cooker.

Basically, pressure cooking involves boiling and steaming liquid in a close pot without any escape of the steam. This is to allow an increase in the temperature inside the pot with the help of the high-pressure buildup caused by the trapped steam. The conventional stove-top pressure cookers utilize stove for the heat source. However, nowadays that technology has offered great innovations in many industries, kitchen appliances have greatly benefitted from it as well, and so electric pressure cookers are born.

Pressure cooking has undergone an optimistic evolution ever since the introduction of electric pressure cookers and these are exactly the reasons why I bought one for my wife:

Space efficiency.

Having all cooking appliances stuck up in the kitchen takes up too much space, but electric pressure cooker reviews solves this muddle. An electric pressure cooker is, in fact, a single appliance but comes with multiple purposes. Aside from pressure cooking, my wife can also use it as a rice cooker or porridge maker, slow cooker, steamer, warmer, and some even allow yogurt making and sauté or browning.

Fast cooking and ease of use

Another major advantage of electric pressure cookers is its convenience and ease of use. My wife can now cook with just a single press of a button and let it cook for itself. Now, my wife and I can actually talk face to face while the food is cooking. Moreover, pressure cooking also equates to fast cooking because of the high temperature all trapped inside the pot. Hence, my wife has less time in the kitchen and more time with us.

Energy efficient

Modern electric pressure cookers are actually designed with a faster increase in temperature. High temperature means faster cooking, and faster cooking means less power to consume. The provider of the house largely benefits on this one.

Pressure and timing control

Unlike conventional pressure cookers, electric pressure cookers come with control over pressure during cooking. The pressure buildup inside the pot can now be monitored and excess pressure can actually be released by itself without any intervention from the user. Timers are integrated as well, so then my wife can set up her desired duration of cooking and lets her avoid the possibility of undercooked or overcooked food.

Safe to use

All the things that a single appliance can perform may sound overwhelming and might get you into asking if it is safe to use. Well indeed, it is safe. Electric pressure cookers have many safety measures taken from the troubles of the previous versions of pressure cookers.