How to Set Up Your Electric Smoker

In this article, We will provide to you with a guide to set up your electric smoker. The major categorization of the types of smokers is determined by the kind of fuel used to burn for the process of smoking. The four most known types of smokers are the propane, pellet smoker, charcoal grill, and the electric. Out of all the four types, the electric smokers are the most convenient. You can just set it up and leave it be until your food has cooked and is ready to serve; you do not have to spend long hours in front of your smoker just so you can monitor the process.

How to Set Up Your Electric Smoker? The Setting-Up Process

1. Determine the type of electric smoker you have.

Before setting up your electric smoker, the first thing to note is what type of electric smoker do you own, as electric smokers come in different types as well and each type has a different setup and operating procedures. You either have the cylindrically-shaped vertical water electric smoker or the cabinet-style electric smoker. You can refer to the manufacturers’ guidelines about the type of smoker you have and study its specific operating instructions closely.

2. Season or cure your new electric smoker.

If you are using your best electric smoker under 200 for the first time, then it has to undergo the process of seasoning first before you should use it. This is to ensure removal of odors, dust, machine oils, and other elements, which may be existent after the manufacturing process. In most cases, seasoning, or curing, involves coating the inside surfaces with cooking oil then turning the smoker on and let it operate for at least two hours so that the solvents will be burnt off. Every electric smoker comes with specific instructions for seasoning, so be sure to follow it accurately.

3. Prep your food beforehand.

The ingredients for seasoning all depend on your preferences. You can have your food seasoned with dry rubs such as sugar, salt, and herbs, or have it drenched in an acidic marinade. It is best to marinate your food overnight, allowing the seasonings to be absorbed deeply into the food, which naturally results in a more flavorful smoked food.

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4. Set up your electric smoker.

Each type of electric smoker has different instruction manuals for the actual use. Study the manual of the specific electric smoker you have. All the same, here are some tips for your electric smoker setup.

  • Position your electric smoker outdoor in a safe place without any flammable materials nearby and away from the wind.
  • If you intend to use the water pan, fill it up with more than half-full of hot water. You can also use liquids such as water with seasonings, beer, wine, soda pop, or apple juice for an added flavor.
  • Plug the cord directly into an electrical outlet; avoid using extension cords if in any way possible.
  • Do not crowd the wood chips into the tray as it may cause black smoke. You can soak the woods chips with water, but they also smoke great when dry.
  • Learn the ideal cooking temperature range for the type of food you are cooking.
  • Place your food in only when the correct temperature range is obtained.


When using electric smokers for cookout occasions, you spend less time in cooking and more time with everyone around without compromising your delicious food treat. Have fun with your delicious smoky cooking! If you want to want to check the best gas grill in 2020, you should read this article before deciding to buy one.

Why You Need To Buy an Electric Pressure Cooker?

The kitchen is one of the busiest part of the house and probably the most crowded as it is full-packed with cooking stuff such as stoves, microwaves, rice cookers, and other cooking instruments. My wife owns the kitchen at least most of the time, and while modern cooking gadgets help out for convenient cooking, cooking sessions still take up some time and with all the appliances around, she is not on her way of ease around the kitchen.

We love pressure-cooked food and my lady love to prepare it for us as well. I thought it is time to give our kitchen queen one thing on top of the charts of kitchen appliances – the electric pressure cooker.

Basically, pressure cooking involves boiling and steaming liquid in a close pot without any escape of the steam. This is to allow an increase in the temperature inside the pot with the help of the high-pressure buildup caused by the trapped steam. The conventional stove-top pressure cookers utilize stove for the heat source. However, nowadays that technology has offered great innovations in many industries, kitchen appliances have greatly benefitted from it as well, and so electric pressure cookers are born.

Pressure cooking has undergone an optimistic evolution ever since the introduction of electric pressure cookers and these are exactly the reasons why I bought one for my wife:

Space efficiency.

Having all cooking appliances stuck up in the kitchen takes up too much space, but electric pressure cooker reviews solves this muddle. An electric pressure cooker is, in fact, a single appliance but comes with multiple purposes. Aside from pressure cooking, my wife can also use it as a rice cooker or porridge maker, slow cooker, steamer, warmer, and some even allow yogurt making and sauté or browning.

Fast cooking and ease of use

Another major advantage of electric pressure cookers is its convenience and ease of use. My wife can now cook with just a single press of a button and let it cook for itself. Now, my wife and I can actually talk face to face while the food is cooking. Moreover, pressure cooking also equates to fast cooking because of the high temperature all trapped inside the pot. Hence, my wife has less time in the kitchen and more time with us.

Energy efficient

Modern electric pressure cookers are actually designed with a faster increase in temperature. High temperature means faster cooking, and faster cooking means less power to consume. The provider of the house largely benefits on this one.

Pressure and timing control

Unlike conventional pressure cookers, electric pressure cookers come with control over pressure during cooking. The pressure buildup inside the pot can now be monitored and excess pressure can actually be released by itself without any intervention from the user. Timers are integrated as well, so then my wife can set up her desired duration of cooking and lets her avoid the possibility of undercooked or overcooked food.

Safe to use

All the things that a single appliance can perform may sound overwhelming and might get you into asking if it is safe to use. Well indeed, it is safe. Electric pressure cookers have many safety measures taken from the troubles of the previous versions of pressure cookers.

Tips to Achieve the Best Neighborhood Barbecue Party with Nerf Gun Plays

Summertime parallels to barbecue cookouts and drizzly outdoor parties. When the weather calls for a great time outside, go answer to that calling and prepare for an unforgettable neighborhood party that will accommodate both the kids and the kids at heart. Nerf gun themed barbecue party is one excellent idea you can exploit with. On that note, here are some tips and ideas you can apply when planning for your summer merrymaking right in the comfort of your own backyard.

Send out the invites.

During summer days, you will not be the only one who craves for barbecue cookouts and outdoor fun, so go start thinking of your guest list. If you are planning for a nerf gun-themed barbecue party, then invite neighbors and friends who enjoy such activities involving nerf guns as well. We all know that the fun already starts even before the party proper begins, and that is during the preparations. Hence, you can actually invite your neighbors to help with the preparation for the party. You can also use an added human resources for the tasks that need to be done.

Set your backyard.

Nerf gun battles can potentially mess all your effort-invested decorations, so it would be wiser to keep your set up easy and smart. Decide on the spot where the food is to be cooked and served, and then set a separate space for the games and activities. If you do not have a large-spaced backyard, then you just have to make sure you have sturdy tables and stuffs that hold the food. For nerf gun-themed parties, it is best to maximize the space. Also, set the cooking tools needed for the party outside beforehand such as grills and electric smokers.

Prepare simple but delicious food

Never compromise the food as it is always the center of every party more than any other activity you prepared. As far as your expertise in barbecue cooking will permit, prepare the most delicious barbecue recipes you can offer. You can choose to do the classic recipes for barbecue parties but add refreshing twists to it. Explore ideas on barbecue sauces and side dishes. You can also ask your invitees to bring their own side dishes, desserts, and drinks to add on the menu. For drinks, it seems conventional to prepare tasty fresh fruit juices in summer parties, especially for the kids.

Let the nerf guns out.

Since it is indeed a nerf gun-themed party, do not ever forget to prep your best nerf guns in the world. You can ask your guest to bring nerf guns, but it will not be as fun if they could not bring one. As far as your budget will permit, purchase nerf guns and corresponding accessories enough for everyone whom you think would want to participate with the activities, be it the kids or the kid-wannabes. During the party, your guests could simply race and shoot each other randomly as it will be as fun, but that fun will soon run out, so better prepare a list of nerf gun games that everyone will surely enjoy such as sharpshooter contests, capture the flag, and jailbreak.

The Eight Must-Visit Barbecue Restaurants in the US

Barbecue is one of the most-known traditional cuisines in America. The availability of different barbecue styles and variants are products of traditional cultivation from different regions in the US. If you are a barbecue enthusiast or are planning to do travels to different states, here is a list of what to try on the must-visit barbecue restaurants across the great land of America.

Joe’s Kansas City Barbecue in Kansas City

Previously known as Oklahoma Joe’s, the restaurant earned awards as a competitive BBQ team in the 90s. Upon visiting, try their barbecue ribs and burnt ends. The place is also renowned for their Z-man sandwich stuffed with smoked provolone, sliced slow-smoked brisket, and thick crispy onion rings.

Franklin Barbecue in Austin, Texas

The restaurant houses the Pitmaster Aaron Franklin who owns a James Beard award as the best chef in the Southwest, plus the restaurant itself have been hyped as the best barbecue in the country. Franklin Barbecue is one of the most remarkable barbecue restaurants in the US, with customers waiting in line for hours just to have their ribs, sandwiches, and their bestseller brisket. The place only accommodates customer for lunch.

Skylight Inn BBQ in Ayden, North Carolina

The place is guided by an Eastern North Carolina barbecue tradition since the early 19th century, and its owner, Pete Jones who opened the restaurant when he was just 17, had already served previous US presidents and had earned an award from the James Beard Foundation. You should try their specialty, which is the chopped pork sandwich with crunchy coleslaw and cornbread.

Central BBQ in Memphis, Tennessee

The owners and the restaurant itself already had appearances on shows; evidently, this place is popular and well-appreciated. The reason is their full slab ribs barbecue, pulled-pork barbecue nachos, homemade potato chips dressed with chunky bleu cheese, their Ghost River beer, and pretty much everything else that they offer.

Black’s Barbecue in Lockhart, Texas

The place has been established in 1932 and by far the oldest barbecue restaurant in Texas, owned and operated by generations of a single family. In fact, the restaurant has been declared “The Barbecue Capital of Texas” by the state legislature. Their best offerings are brisket and beef ribs cloaked in a peppery bark and oak-smoked sausages in either original, garlic or jalapeño-cheddar flavors.

Dreamland Barbecue in Tuscaloosa, Alabama

The restaurant, which started in 1958, is best known for their accurately tender and juicy ribs. They also have homemade sauces and their banana pudding is a must-try as well.

Cooper’s Old Time Pit Barbecue in Llano, Texas

Declared by the Former President George W. Bush as his favorite barbecue spot, the barbecue in this place is cooked in “cowboy style” over the coals in a smoke-filled pit. Their signature dishes are pork chop sided with bacon-jalapeno mac and cheese, ice cream atop pecan cobbler, and gratis beans.

Smoque BBQ in Chicago

The place is self-asserted as a neighborhood barbecue place. Their cuisine is utilizing elements from the regional barbecue traditions added with a fresh and unique mark. They are the home of the best Austin-style brisket.

BBQ Competition Near Me – Top BBQ Contest around the World

Barbecue is not just a cuisine tradition found in the backyards of homes. Barbecue enthusiasts are incessantly growing in number and so different types of barbecue cooking competitions have been organized in different parts of the world to accommodate barbecue festivities in a larger scale. Here is the list of the top barbecue competition to date and the BBQ Competition near me.

1.    Memphis in May World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest in Memphis, Tennessee

Holding the Guinness title of “The Largest Pork BBQ in the World”, this barbecue competition has been the world’s most prestigious barbecue cooking competition with over 82 tons mile-long of pork cooked in Tom Lee Park, Downtown Memphis, Tennessee. The competition also awards the largest prize giveaways in the history of barbecue cooking competition with a total of $115,000. The team to be hailed the World Champion will take home $14,500. The contest administrators allow barbecue fans and enthusiasts to judge after undergoing an orientation with the Kingsford Tour of Champions to be able to taste barbecue like a pro.

2.     World Barbecue Championship (World Food Championships) in Kissimmee, Florida

Ran by the World Food Championships, the World Barbecue Championship is also one of the world’s premier barbecue competition with at least 100 teams competing for that single title “World Barbecue Champion”. To join the barbecue cooking contest, the management provides an open registration process for up to 50 barbecue teams while the remaining 50 spots are for the participating teams coming in from the selected major sanctioning bodies in barbecue cooking competitions in the world.

3.     International Barbecue Festival in Owensboro, Kentucky

As well as this is a barbecue festival, it is also a barbecue cooking battle for the Governor’s Cup held every second week in May in the town of Owensboro, Kentucky. The place welcomes a good number of 85,000 visitors with different variety barbecue with their specialty, which is the mutton and a spicy stew called burgoo, aside from chicken and sometimes pork. Each team is required to cook at least 300 chickens, 600 pounds of mutton, and 60 gallons of burgoo. Add up to the festivities the showcase of arts and crafts and the festive dancing, this festival should indeed not to be missed.

1.     World’s Championship Bar-B-Que Contest in Houston, Texas

In the last days of February when everyone else in America is dealing with winter colds, one state does offer warmth with their best contribution to the world, barbecue. The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo in Houston, Texas is a festival that also holds the World’s Championship Bar-B-Que Contest to warm up the event. The three-day event accommodates around 300 team competitors to battle it out with everything barbecue from brisket to Dutch-oven dessert. Upon visiting, do not miss as well the rodeo, the live music every night and the craft beer.

2.     Jack Daniel’s World Championship Invitational Barbecue in Lynchburg, Tennessee

Taking place in Lynchburg, Tennessee every fourth Saturday of October, “The Jack” is actually referred to as “The Super Bowl of Barbecue” with participating teams meticulously selected. The prestigious “invitation” is only sent to the names selected from the list of qualifiers that vied to join the competition. On the event, nothing beats drinking Jack while witnessing the best of the best pitmasters compete for pork ribs, pork shoulder, beef brisket, and chicken barbecues, plus their exceptional barbecue sauces and side desserts.

The Dishes and Places You Must Eat Before You Die

Undeniably, there are countless must-try delicacies in different regions of even a single country. Think wide and realize how much more are there worldwide. Here is a list of must-try dishes in different parts of the world; dishes you should not miss while you are in the place.

1.     BBQ Ribs in USA


Barbecue is one traditional cuisine in America with different variants offered from each state. The top barbecue capital regions are the Kansas City, Memphis, Texas, and the Carolinas, offering barbecue of different size, types, and sauces. The barbecue ribs Kansas City style has a sweet spice rub and sweet sauce while Memphis barbecue ribs are served with tomato and vinegar sauce. In Texas, the celebrated dish is the Texas brisket barbecue.

2.     Seafood Curry Laksa in Malaysia


A spicy, flavorful, creamy soup packed with noodles, seafood, fish sticks, tofu, vegetables, hard-boiled egg, coriander, and chili is Malaysia’s soup supreme. With the elements coming from both Malaysia and Singapore, the soup is indeed a Chinese-Malay classic dish. The tastiest curry laksa is actually found in the street side stalls in Malaysia or in food courts of Singapore.

3.     Chocolate con Churros in Spain


The typical breakfast in Spain include a chocolate with long, freshly fried donuts. The churros, or donuts, are ideally slightly crispy outside with a hint of air inside. It is served with sprinkled sugar and sided with the steaming thick chocolate in a cup.

4.     Som tam in Thailand

Thailand is very rich in food culture and their essential flavors play around sour, salt, sweet and heat. These flavors are all loaded up in a single dish called the som tam – a bowl of shredded green papaya salad mixed with palm sugar, garlic, lime juice, fish sauce, tamarind juice, dried shrimp and sometimes seafood, tomatoes, carrot, beans and peanuts.

5.     Escargots in France

Yes, escargots are snails, and in France, they are generally served as an appetizer in the shell. French are mostly identified with these garlic buttery flavor of escargots, which is cooked in mixture of garlic, parsley, and butter. Health-wise, snails are rich in Vitamin E, iron, and protein.

6.     Masala Dosa in India

Also called Masale Dose, Masala Dosa is in fact a variant of the popular dish “dosa” from South India. India is popular with vegetarian meals, and so is this gluten free and vegan friendly food, which is a paper-thin pancake made of rice and lentils served with mashed cooked potatoes, fried onions, and different types of chutney such as coconut, chillies, mint, and coriander.

7.     Moussaka in Greece

Moussaka is the Greek version of Italian lasagna, boasting its smothering layers topped with cheese béchamel sauce. Layered with ground beef or lamb meat stewed with onions, garlic, tomatoes and other spices, Moussaka has salted and browned vegetables of either eggplant, artichokes, or potatoes as the base layer. The cheesy casserole dish is best served warm in winter.

8.     Pavlova in Australia and New Zealand

Named after the Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova, this melting soft meringue dessert is served with lashings of whipped cream smeared with passion fruit strawberries and kiwis. The dish is equally known in Australia and New Zealand, and both place are essentially rivaling for ownership of this dessert.

9.     Ramen in Japan

While ramen are widely accessible in any parts of the world, nothing beats the goodness of having an authentic Japanese noodle soup in the restaurants of Japan. It is Japanese but it is actually made up of Chinese-style wheat noodles served in meat-based or fish-based broth flavored with soy sauce or miso topped with sliced pork, dried seaweed and green onions.